Our Bold Vision

A world where people are actively engaged in the conservation and restoration of our natural environment – for both present and future generations.


Our delegates inspire each other and new generations within their communities to engage in sustainability work.


Our delegates receive personal, professional, and emotional support from the YC community as they confront challenging social issues.


Sustainability solutions are shared and adapted among different local contexts, as delegates collaborate with and learn from each other.


Our delegates are empowered, encouraged, and connected to engage with larger networks, changemakers, funders, and policymakers, translating local effort into systemic change.

Our Framework for Change

01. Construct a powerful international network

of young citizen leaders who inspire, catalyze, and lead tangible actions in their local communities.

We recruit

the most talented, impactful, and diverse network of young citizen leaders across the Americas.

We cultivate and connect

the Youth Congress delegate community with regional summits, online forums, and Congress-wide meetings.

02. Connect our delegates

to an international network of diverse changemakers, experts, and resources to support sustainable action across the Western Hemisphere.

We develop

patient relationships, partnerships, sponsorships with institutions, corporations, and governments at all levels.

We gather

the financial and social resources necessary for the long-term support of the Youth Congress and delegate sustainability projects.

03. Activate the international network

for collective impact across the Americas.

We promote

the Youth Congress as an innovative and exciting hub with digital and social campaigns to highlight our impactful work.

We mobilize

the network to implement innovative projects aligned with the Youth Congress across the Americas.

Our Network Model

We have chapters across the Americas.

Each chapter has a community activator: a leader who helps organize chapter meetings and is a representative of that chapter to the larger network. The activator provides an annual report to the Youth Congress about its activities from the previous year.

Each chapter mobilizes its own activities that makes sense for its community. The Youth Congress is non-prescriptive: we don’t require projects to look a certain way, as long as they align with our bold vision. As a result, we have chapters organizing national conventions and others working on a singular sustainable project with a local company. All are welcome in the Youth Congress umbrella.


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